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Why to buy from Dubai Phone

Why buy from Dubai Phone?
Because Dubai Phone has a rewards program
“Buy more… Earn more”

How do you get points?

Get points automatically without subscription with every order from Dubai Phone
* Every 100 EGP purchase = 1 point *

How do I redeem points?

  • Redemption is made through the Dubai Phone app

  • Download the Dubai phone app

  • Log in through the app

  • Send the activation of the points program + the phone number registered in the sales

  • The points program will be activated within 30 minutes

Terms and Conditions

  1. The points program is for individuals, not companies

  2. The maximum redemption of points is 1000 points on the bill

  3. Points can be redeemed in full and not in part

  4. The point value is variable according to the available Dubai iPhone offers 

  5. Points program with discount codes is not valid…Promo code

  6. Reward points cannot be transferred from one account to another

  7. Points cannot be exchanged for cash

  8. The points and rewards program is not mandatory for Dubai Phone and can be activated and canceled at any time without giving reasons